Igian Realm

The Igian Realm is named after the old Igian Empire. It is governed by the kings and lords of the lands it encompasses and by the mighty Church of Arstuyar, though it is by no means an unified realm. Currently a lot of the Igian lords and knights are off fighting against the Kessani in the name of Arstuyar.

The most important territories of the Realm are:
Vanas – the central lands, divided between mighty lords under a weak king
Relin – the eastern lands, where the Igian Empire originated and the Church of Arstuyar is strongest, consisting of numerous city states ruled by powerful merchant families
Hispas – the northern lands, governed by hundreds of different lords under a king, who in name is also the Igian Emperor
Sylesia – the southwestern lands, poor and partly overrun by the Kessani
Gar Galot – the northwestern islands, ruled by a council of mighty nobles

The Igian calendar is divided in twelve months, each thirty days long. The years are counted from the founding of the Igian Empire and the current year is 1611.

The months are:
Snow Month
Rain Month
Storm Month
Sprout Month
Flower Month
Field Month
Harvest Month
Heat Month
Fruit Month
Wine Month
Fog Month
Frost Month

Igian Realm

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